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Julianna Casimiro was born on May 16, 1999 in Long Island, New York. Starting at the young age of 3, Julianna became incredibly obsessed with art in its many creative forms. She always wanted to find ways to tie art into the everyday lifestyle, without staying inside of the boundaries that society bound her to. Beauty within people began to stem her creativity to the more cosmetic-involved art forms. She started conceptualizing the idea of makeup as a career in her sophomore year in high school; digging her way into any theater production she could. From that point, she was hooked. She involved herself in any makeup she could, including being introduced to the world of special effects. Through this discovery, she began attending Cinema Makeup School in Fall of 2018, then graduating in early Spring of 2019. She has gone on to pursue makeup artistry in many ways, one of which being with "The Day Colorado"; a wedding agency for makeup and hair artists in Colorado Springs. She continues to work in Colorado, specializing in bridal and beauty makeup.


Julianna Marie Casimiro

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